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Application of Membership 

Applicants should follow the procedures as follows for application:

(a) Please complete the Membership application form (華人內部審計師公會 會員申請資料表 (;

(b) The Association will, through email, ask you to submit the following information and documents:
      i)  Please arrange qualified professional accountants or qualified lawyers to verify and sign on the copies of the certificates of professional and academic qualifications, and personal identification documents and email them to the Association, or post to the Association or submit personally to the Association. (address: Room 2102, 21st floor, Times Tower, 928-930 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon)
      ii)  Membership Fee

(c) Every application will be handled and submitted for approval by the Association's Membership Committee. The Association will notify the successful applicants either by email or phone.

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