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本會為業界拓展市場,因業界嚴重缺乏員工,需要引進國內業界專材,故此於2023年6月20, 21日籌辦『大灣區財經考察交流團』,前往廣州進行多項交流活動。



2023年12月5日, 彭泓基教授在華人內部審計師公會舉辦的現場分享聚餐晚會取得圓滿成功。


ACIA-Greater Bay Area Visit

On March 13, 2024, representatives from ACIA visited several companies and enterprises in Shenzhen, discussed accounting industry collaboration, division of labor, internal audit systems, and personnel exchange. ACIA will continue to facilitate information exchange between HK and mainland accounting practitioners.

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ACIA-2024 Spring Banquet

On March 5, 2024, ACIA held a joyful Spring Banquet in Hong Kong. The event included a toast ceremony and discussions on the accounting industry’s development. The ACIA plans to host webinars and exchange activities throughout the year.

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